EthnoSal - Available infrastructure

Research equipments:

RAMAN RPA-HE 532 spectrograph and optical systems attached (HE 532 spectrograph)

  • Compact, without moving parts. Has a concave holographic network, projected to increase the stability and covering all spectral domain of 3200 cm-1 with an Nd: YAG laser doubled in frequent at 532 nm.
  • optical fiber sounder Raman SUPERHEAD model for non contact measurements equipped with: - focus lens, focal distance 40 mm - 2 connectors for multimodes fibre. Linear Raleygh filters and bandwidth of 532 nm. LWD objective in visible, 50X, NA = 0, 50, WD = 10, 6 mm.
  • Multimode optical fibre FIB50/10M, multimode, metallic protection, diameter 50 micrometers, length 10 m. Provided with connectors SMA. Optimized for visible domain (optic fibre for the laser beam).
  • Detection system CCD and data acquisition system for HE-532 spectrograph and multichannel CCD detector: - air cooling (until -70C); - 1024 x 256 pixels, MPP chip (dimensions 26,6 x 6,7 mm); - spectral domain: 400 - 1050 nm; - pixel dimension: 26 x 26 micleii. Computer and software for recording data and analyzing.
  • LabSpec software for spectroscopy, working on Windows XP for: - system control; - data acquisition; - a wide options spectrum for data processing, used in Raman spectres cartographic type data: - computer.
  • Stimulation system is composed from: 1. Laser Nd:YAG doubled in model frequency L532/100, bandwidth 532 nm, nominal power 100 mW. The sources stabilized in frequency, air cooling. 2. Positioning device(mount) RL532 model for Nd:YAG laser doubled in frequency. The instrument case is equipped with a safety device (device for blocking the laser beam) and a connector for multimode fibre. It permits laser integration and his source. Wear 5%.

LEICA SMARTSTATION system for topography (TPS 1201 + GPS)

  • (Angle measurement: precision 1'' (0,3 mgon); Distance measurements : 1,5 - 3000 m; Precision/Time for one measurement: 2mm + 2ppm/typ. 1,5 s;
  • Without prism: distance - 170/100 m; 500/300 m; Precision: 3 mm + 2ppm / typ. 3-6 s; Rotation speed: 45 degrees/second;
  • Automatic target detection; Telescope: 30x, opening 40 mm;
  • Laser: precision - 1,5 mm; 10 mm+1 ppm horizontal and 20 mm+1 ppm vertical at a distance of 50 km;
  • wear 0%.

Leica GX 1230 professional GPS with accessories + software+3DMap 2007

  • The GPS in RTK mode determines the position with centimetre precision


  • A HDS system is composed from a 3D laser scanner, a PC and the Cyclone scanning software.
  • The system records in 3D the dig-site and structures complex geometry through a unique combination of speed, precision and safety.
  • The complete geometry of the exposed surfaces is captured in several minutes under the form of dense and precise conglomerations of 3D points, named as "point clouds", which can be used immediately. The scanner can be rotated or moved around the objective in order to capture the whole scene.
  • Immediately after the Leica scanner had captured the digital image, the Cyclone software package will allow the usage of the 3D point cloud in a multitude of applications, including those which require data export to CAD or rendering/modeling software.

Manual tensiometers

  • Sounders types: standard (tensiometer) ceramic type with screw thread and suctionmeter (0-100 centi-bar) length 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm, tensiometers with a ceramic inlet with filet and suctionmeter (0-100 centi-bar) length 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm, accessories: manual vacuum pomp, antialgal fluid, tube and tank, sounder length 114 cm 19 mm. Wear 0%.

Echosounder + accessories + software

  • Resolution 1 cm, LCD monitor, out RS232/422, GPS navigation, in NMEA 0183, constant environment for the operation frequency, power 11-30VDC, 115/230V, 50/60Hz, over 40 watt. Wear 0%.

Probe set for the gathering of field samples

  • Normal manual probe 60 cm, 100 cm long probe with detachable handle, Edelman drill for clay soils with a 7, 10 cm diameter and a mixed probe-drill with a 7 and 10 cm diameter, probe for sand-like soils with a diameter of 7-10 cm, Edelman probe for soils with a rough sandy texture with a diameter of 7-10 cm, probes for meadow soils with a diameter of 7-10 cm, probe for gravel soils with a diameter of 7-10 cm, spiral probe with a diameter of 4 cm, 5 meters long cord line with carbines, 100 cm long extensions, push/pull probe 22.2 mm, synthetic tubes (ABS) with a diameter of 90 x 76 mm and a length of 1 m. Wear 0%.

Conduct meter Probe for assessing the soil salinity on the field.

  • With a diameter of 30 mm, it is divided from 10 to 10 cm. As well as the EC, the temperature of the chosen depth is measured.
  • The displaying in made on the screen. Measuring interval: 0-2000 ohm, 0.01 Ohm resolution, +/- 2% accuracy.
  • Steel probe for drilling. Wear 0%.

Apparatus for establishing granulometry through laser diffraction

  • Combined apparatus for measuring in a wet or dry environment; the dry/liquid dispersion, measuring interval 10 s, sample approximately 0.1-2 cm3 dry in 500 ml liquid and 5-50 cm3 dry, LaPass software, liquid dispersion unit, dry dispersion unit.
  • Wear 0%.

Microscope with imbedded photo camera.

  • Binocular tube inclined at 30 degrees
  • Oculars with a 20mm field and a 10 x zoom (WF 10x).
  • Achromatic objectives of 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (with immersion); it has a condenser with a 1,25 aperture and a IRIS diaphragm;
  • Device with 4 places for objectives;
  • Lighting device with built-in halogen bulb of 20W/12V with intensity control;
  • Micro vise and Macro vise system graded in miclei and fitted with a blocking system ;
  • Characteristic for the video camera with analogical signal and IMAGE PLUS 2.0 software: Image Unit: 1/3" Interline CCD; pixels: 768(H) x 494(V);
  • resolution: 480 TV lines; auto white balance; back light compensation; minimum illumination: 0.1 lux; data transfer: 7.5 MB/sec; color: 24 bit;
  • operating system: Windows 98; files: BMP, JPG, SFC, MIG; can be mounted at a computer for image transfer and processing;
  • Capabilities: recording of moving images (format AVI), image capture at programmed time intervals, measuring functions for lengths and areas, image comparing, image processing through overlaying and extraction.
  • Wear 5%.

Electron microscope- GAMA VEGA SEM VEGA II LSH

  • Advanced void, high camera, motorized stage.
  • Resolution: 3 nm la 30 KV. zoom: 13 ... 1.000.000 x in work mode, Resolution, at 30 KV min 4 x in Fisheye mode;
  • Acceleration tension: 0,2 ... 30 KV, Electron cannon: tungsten cathode for heating the probe:1 pA ... 2 micro A, scanning speed: 200 ns ... 10 ms /pixel;
  • Focus window: continuous form, size and position adjustments, image enlarging: 4.096 x 4.096 pixels.
  • Dimension: diameter 230 mm, door width: 148 mm, access ports: 11;
  • Probe stand: semi-compucentric, mechanical suspension for the camera and column;
  • Range for X axis (plus/minus 20 mm) - motorized, range for Y axis: 40 mm (-10 ... 30 mm) - motorized;
  • Range for Z axis: 47 mm- motorized, probe height: 60 mm, rotation: 360 grade, continuum - motorized incline: -75 ... 50grade Hmax specimen: 30 mm;
  • Standard detectors: SE - ET crystal YAG, BSE mobile detector, with scintillation, crystal YAG of high sensitivity and with high atomic resolution (0,1).
  • Amperage measuring probe
  • Alarm in case of touching the specimen
  • TV camera for probe visualization, optional detectors: BSE - fix detector, cu scintillation, crystal YAG of high sensitivity and with high atomic resolution(0,1), 2 x BSE double mobile detector, 4 x BSE quadruple mobile detector, TE EBIC, EDX at a 45 degrees angle and WD 23 mm, - at a 35 degrees angle and WD 15 mm, - at a 45 degrees angle and WD 23 mm simultaneous analysis EBSD - diameter max, 100 mm, WDX at a 35 degrees angle and WD 15 mm; EBSD - diameter max: 100 mm;
  • void: camera < 1 x 10-2 Pa, column: < 1 x 10-2 Pa, air evacuation time: < 3 min;
  • Exterior dimensions: 2150 x 1705 mm, utilities and ambient: electric supply: 230 V plus/minus10 % / 50 Hz - 1300 VA.
  • Does not require water supplying for cooling, compressed ventilation azotes (nitrogen): 1,5 ... 5 bars, minimum camera dimensions: 3 x 2,5 m, temperature: 18 ... 28 C, humidity: max 80% RH, vibration: max 1 micleim, magnetic field: max 3 x 10-7.
  • Data acquiring system, specific software (image processing, measurements, multi-image calibration, image operations, hardness measurements, tolerance, 3D scanning, printing control, automated shutdown of the system, morphology, particle analysis, image overlaying, observation of the analysis camera. Wear 5%).

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